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In 25 October 1978, former city council of makati and proprietor by name of Oscar M. Ibay the DATAMEX computer tutorial services. The first campus was established in Cartimar Shopping Center, Taft Avenue, Pasay City followed by its second campus as COBOL, Fortran, RPG, BASIC Language, Assemble Language and Pascal. The course leading to the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Two Associate in Computer Secretarial Course.

In response to the growing needs to Computer Education, DATAMEX a non-sectarian and stock educational institution was incorporated and registered in 1984 under the trade name of DATAMEX Computer School and was advertently elevated to DATAMEX Computer College 1993.

Having earned recognition from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and Technical Education and Skills Development, DATAMEX Institute of Computer Technology offers an undergraduate degree course in computer science as well as vocational-technical computer courses as Two-year Integreted Computer Programming, Two-year Integrated Hardware Servicing and two years integrated Information Management.

With an increasing demands for computer literacy to fill the needs of technology advancement, DATAMEX further sought an approval of CHED and TESDA to offer additional courses such as Two-year Integrated Hotel and Restaurant Management, Two-year Integrated Health Care Service, Two-year Integrated Computer Animation, Three-year ladderized other short courses like Caregiver, Call Center, etc that are expected to gain full recognitaion.

For the past two decades, DATAMEX, a 100% Filipino owned Computer School succesful operating in the Philippine takes pride in its relentless effort for academic excellence. With the governement's accelerated economic recovery program, the demand for trained and skilled personnel was greater that ever.

DATAMEX-COLLEGE OF ST. ADELINE, INC aims to realize the national ideas and culture of the Filipino virtues, and human values. In effect the school instills in the students appreciation of the positive outlook in like, respect for the national tradition and heritage, and level of mankind.

Our aim is well-integrated development fo person's potentials in mind, soul and body the spiritual capabilities. The school creates a setting where each student is guided ti develop good moral values and deep sense of responsibility need for his/her present as well as his/her future personal life.

Through the many different programs of the school adopted to the needs of the students, the school strives to contribute in its own way, to the realization fo the educational mission.

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To provide quality education to its students through well-trained mentor focused staff enabled by reliable college facilities and efficient processes anchored on the values of integrity, innovation and level of excellence.

By 2020 we will be the preferred college center of excellence in the Philippines providing personalized and compassionate instruction of the highest standard.

DATAMEX Computer College
Our Alma matter we are one
We glofy thy name
We sing to you our praises
DATAMEX Computer College
We thank you for the goals
We have fulfilled
And for what we are today
DATAMEX forever

We always want to be with you
To be always be together
The knowledge that you gave us
Will be marked in history