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At this current generation, you probably heard about the Microsoft, a company provide desktop application tools and desktop graphical operating system for desktop computers and laptop computers. Microsoft is also a leading company that provides not only programs but also training to individuals who wants to enhance their skills in computer operation and other computer skills by the use of Microsoft applications. In this process Microsoft provides a chance and a privilege to every individuals to obtain certifications that recognize by them and by other companies world wide.

At DATAMEX-College of St. Adeline, we believe its critically important to have Microsoft certifications to help today's individuals to be more competent and achieve international standards in computer skills. That is why we've put technology at the centre of everything we do through unique teaching approaches and integrating technology in our different programs.

As the Microsoft Partner, DATAMEX-College of St. Adeline are proud to offer a chance for every students to gain Microsoft Certification and help our students stand out with rightful skills employers are searching for to help move their business forward their goals.

You can visit us at our main branch in 85 Commonwealth Ave. East Park Subd. Fairview, Quezon City for your onsite or walk-in reservation or you can call us at (02)9218350 and also you can go through our online reservation by clicking the above apply online or click here, And in addition you can click here for the other branches near in your place.

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